4. Fcuk with this ;)


  6. "go talk to ya other hoes"
    — a girl in love wit u (via joseguwop)

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  7. huffingtonpost:

    TV Reporter Makes Unbelievable Exit On Air

    Local Anchorage reporter Charlo Greene has decided to leave her job as a newswoman to focus on legalizing marijuana in Alaska. OK, you’re thinking, nothing too interesting there.


  8. "You’ll make mistakes, but as long as what you’re focused on is what you’re passionate about, all the other things will fall into place. If there’s anything you’re going to give less priority to, it shouldn’t be your passion. You can never go wrong with that."
    — Great advice from Dan Rubin, in celebration of The Great Discontent turning three today. (via creativesomething)

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  9. "Robin Williams. What a concept."
    — Billy Crystal (via ryanseacrest)