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    Cudi speaking on depression 


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  7. hey fools,

    1. can someone give me requests for new mixes.. might as well do something productive with my time.

  8. I miss Papi.

    Shit gets real at 5:20AM..

  9. Papi,

    Let me start by saying, I miss you. It’s only been a couple of months that you’ve been gone. I miss you. It’s crazy to think I should be opening up the flood gates of my emotions on a social media page where I can be judged or given pity from my peers, but emotions and situations like these call for support.

    I miss you Papi. I really do. Since I can remember, and maybe even since I was born, I’ve been in love with you. It’s kind of weird to say that I’m in love with my grandfather, but it’s the honest truth. People have told me that it isn’t weird nor a bad thing, just that it was understood how much you mean to me.

    Your birthday was a few days ago, I hope you enjoyed that beer in heaven. Spending it without you here is crazy. I can’t face father’s day or christmas or even new years.. It seems impossible, but it isn’t. You taught me that life goes on and no matter what, you’re there.

    I’m sorry if this letter seems so scattered, but my words will forever be mixed around because since you left me, I’ve been lost. I don’t mean to be selfish but damnit, I want you here with me. To call me names and make me chase you around hospital floors. You were the light of my life and it seems like I have nothing else to live for. It’s been the roughest past couple of months. I swore you were going to get over the cancer, but I know you were tired. Tired of the bullshit your kids went through with one another and tired of everyone not knowing what the fuck to do, but be there for you. I understood Papi, I was there without hesitation or regret. I have nothing but fucking amazing memories and unforgettable photos.

    You’re my rock, my superman, my hero, and my man!

    From now until forever more, I’ll be your hija and I will continue to try to be the best individual that I can be and to make you nothing short of PROUD.

    Te quiero mucho!

    Bendicion Papi,